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The ULTIMATUM XLi loudspeaker is an iso-baric floorstanding design based on the standmount XLS model. Here, those ingredients are mounted in an elegant floorstanding cabinet fitted with with a low profile plinth arrangement to enable flexible room integration. The crossover network is located in its own discrete cavity for minimal interference from the drive units. The XLi produces a compelling depiction of all kinds of music.


Technical description The enclosure comprises six discrete internal cavities each optimised for purpose. The Mid/Bass tuning is optimal for the internal volume, while the HF cabinet is small to increase rigidity and to stop back pressure from the Mid Bass driver adversely affecting the rear chamber of the tweeter. The two EMIT supertweeters are similarly isolated. The crossover network employs predominantly first order slopes, using high quality close-tolerance components throughout.


Specifications HF Unit 26mm Domed XL with SONOMEX surround
Super HF Units 2* EMIT 25mm planar/ribbon
Bass / Midrange 2* 168mm NEAT unit with Aluminium Phase Plug
Dimensions (hwd): 100x22x37cm.
Enclosure type: Multi-chamber, multi-driver array, incorporating isobaric internal cavity, plus upward firing super-tweeters.
Sensitivity: 87db/1 watt.
Recommended amplifier power: 25 – 200 watts.
Impedance: 6 ohms average. Minimum 4 ohms.
Weight: 44Kg. each. Shipping weight: 100Kg. pair.

Finishes Neat Ultimatum standard finishes.

Natural Ash Rose Ash Black Ash Walnut Oak Figured Birch

Neat Ultimatum premium (high gloss) finishes. Velvet Cloud Red Velvet Cloud Piano Black

The representations above are for guidance only. Exact matching cannot be guaranteed. Specification may be subject to change without notice